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26 November 2011 @ 12:35 pm
Space Tour was AWESOME.
We waited in line for 5 hours, but it was worth it because we were in the front and the line stretched all the way down Lansdowne street and around the corner, insanity. They are saying there was 2,400 people in attendance. And the cops showed up at midnight. They said we were their biggest show yet and definitely the best crowd they had. Someone brought a giant cardboard rocketship so we all signed it while in line and they brought it out on stage at one point, a bunch of them were jammed inside it. So adorable.

Charlene Kaye completely rocked the house, I had a total blast dancing to her songs. And Darren came out to sing Suit and Tie with her, and he is so dreamy you guys. Like 20x dreamier in person. Also he is such a puppy I cannot even.
And Joey and Joe had a couple skits together and they talked about taking walks along the river because they love that dirty water <3 Joey danced to Boy Toy shirtless and with a pornstache, there was bubbles too!
When we were all singing You're Harry Freaking Potter the entire crowd would point at Darren, and at one point he was like "I know! :D"
And Joey was too adorable!
The beginning skit was hilarious, Brolden made an announcement that the show was starting from backstage and then 'forgot' to turn off his mic. So he was like "Okay guys, what are we going to do?" and the rest of them were like "I don't know! We spent all that time rehearsing Beyonce moves!" "Why don't we do that?" "It's copyrighted!" and Mark was like "Why are you guys passing the mic around as you talk?" and they told him to shutup and then they wanted to do Nsync dance moves but that was copyrighted too so someone goes "Well the fog machine is on! We can just sneak out while they're not looking!" It was really funny.
Also they did Liam's got a phone call!! I totally rocked out to that, so much fun. Jessy had never heard it before which is funny because she is usually a bigger fan than me. She was just confused the whole time and asked me what it was from and I was like "It's not from anything, Liam just had a phone call!"
Also Darren tackled Walker. They wouldn't let Darren in on their group huddle deciding who would sing Darren's part and he was like "GUYS! I KNOW THIS SONG! GUYSS!! *PUPPY*" and they decided Walker and Brolden would sing Darren's bit so Darren was dancing about going "I DONT SOUND LIKE THAT! I CAN DO THIS! COME ON GUYS!" and he got so mad he tackled Walker to the ground and they wrestled a bit until Walker let Darren sing.

And then Dylan sang his part and changed Hogwarts to Boston "Did you know that here in Boston, we've got a hidden swimming pool?" Cue crazy cheering, lol. And everyone shouted out their house at the appropriate time. I was talking to people in line before hand so I knew most of them were Slytherins and Ravenclaws, I met a few Puffs and Gryffindors as well. So the Puff and Gryffindor shouting was quieter but the other two shook the walls, lol.

Oh my god it was just so much fun. I'm charging my camera so I can upload what I got before it died.

The very last song and part of the encore.

I'm still just overwhelmingly happy. It was a fabulous show and I wont forget it anytime soon. I wish I could have gotten merch, but I had to leave to catch my train, the line was huge and barely moving :(
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what i'm seeking isn't here: [HP] Musical - guysmellafe on November 26th, 2011 06:25 pm (UTC)
I saw them at LeakyCon so I know exactly what you mean. EXACTLY. I even cried a bit at the end because Nick Lang took the mic and thanked us all for allowing them to fulfill their dreams and it was so, so cute and true. They're such a fun bunch. I love that gif you posted.

I think they're all super dreamy in person. I got to meet them and talk to the girls and Joey and Nick and Darren and I think I got pregnant by the eyesex we were having (in my mind). Honestly. Best show I've ever attended, ever.
Ky: Harry Potter // Trampolinenograviity on November 26th, 2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
I got teary eyed when they did a big bow and were hugging Darren. I was like "I love Klaine, but please don't go back to Glee, Darren! You need to stay with your family forever and ever and make music babies! ;A;"

They are all super dreamy. I was like "Jaime, stop with your sexy dancing, it's too hot to handle." we were basically looking up her skirt while she writhed around on stage. I filmed some of it so I will have to post it.

Dude, Walker was like making eye contact with individuals in the crowd. He made eye contact with me at one point and it felt like we were staring at each other for forever, but was probably only 2 seconds.

Seriously just had so much fun. Only bad parts was some extreme second hand embarrassment while waiting in line with some superfangirls, and the fact that the merch line was too long for me to get anything :( Also they couldn't come out and sign anything because we got the cops called on us, lol.

I just want them to come through every year. Whether its a concert like this, or film viewings of their plays like they did for Starship. They didn't do a showing in Boston, but after being the largest crowd so far (probably second after NYC) I hope the next time they show a play in theater that they'll come to Boston so I can go :D
what i'm seeking isn't here: [HP] where have you been all my life?mellafe on November 26th, 2011 10:47 pm (UTC)
Oh, we didn't even mention the show, not even in other panels. I thought it was funny. We would all say "on G-L-E-E" or "that show" (that would be me).

Jamie always wears short skirts! And Lauren wears shorts. And Julia wears dresses. haha. Jamie is so skinny, she makes me nervous.

Walker is so funny. Haha. I'm sure it was more than 2 seconds. I found him at The Three Broomsticks and forced him to take a photo with me. Then I saw him at the singing and I said "oh, I already met you" and he got all awkward and said "oh, right, nice to see you again". I felt so bad. But Joey was next so whatever.

They mentioned the cops thing on twitter. Wow. Too bad they couldn't say hi to fans afterwards because of it. I always feel so bad for them and especially Darren. There were so many amazing things to do at Leaky and he couldn't be there, and if he had been it would've been insane. Girls would throw themselves at Joey, he always got the biggest cheers, and he's only famous in our circle so I can only imagine what would happen with Darren. I honestly feel sorry for him and want to hug him forever.
Ky: Harry Potter // Ronnograviity on November 26th, 2011 11:42 pm (UTC)
Well actually Darren brought it up. They were like "Together we are Starkid, but individually we are..." and introduced themselves one by one with a little awkward flair (Lauren fake puked, Jamie pulled out a wedgie, etc) When it was Darren's turn he said "Kurt's boyfriend!" instead of his name.

Yeah I noticed that she had lost weight, but I'm sure if anything serious was going down the other Starkids would say something to her. They really are just one big happy family and I cannot ever imagine them ignoring one of the others having a problem.

Ugh, we need to start hosting cons that only mature people can attend. Like someone has to vouch for you or something, idk. I have trouble going to cons because I get so much second hand embarrassment and I feel bad for the celebs there. I just want some chill mature environment where famous people can walk around and hang out with us without people stalking or screaming or pestering them. It would never happen, but it would be nice. :( I just think back to the Glee tour where someone pulled Darren off stage, some people are just CRAZY. I am just glad the Starkids are all fanboy/girls and general geeks so they know its only a select portion that is cray cray and they dont let it hinder them from being casual with everyone.
I just remember those stories of people meeting Darren and the Warblers walking around in the city and apologizing for bothering them and Darren would say "Stop it, you aren't bothering us, we love that you came to say hi."
I just seriously hope they never get so cynical that they stop being perfect people like that.
what i'm seeking isn't here: [HP] Musical - trio with mapmellafe on November 27th, 2011 12:59 am (UTC)
That's so funny.

I'm sure she's always been like that. It's the camera versus reality thing. I told her she was too skinny and she was all "do you have something to eat? I'm starving!" so I'm sure she doesn't have a problem (I did have candy so yay).

I know! Haha That would be so damn cool. I can freak out at home when I'm watching videos and all but when I'm facing these guys, I get all wobbly knees and I can't think of anything to say and it's embarrassing in the other way, you know? I wouldn't go psycho on them. I'd want to, but I wouldn't.

I hadn't read that and it's such a Darren thing to say. I stopped reading interviews of him because he kills me everytime with little tidbits like those and I think or want to think he means them and are not just lines he throws to the fans, you know? I WANT TO BELIEVE.
Ky: Darren Criss // Harmonicanograviity on November 27th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
Oh I have no doubts that he is being honest. I mean, he does all these little shows for free crammed into his ridiculous schedule. There was one week I wasn't sure he was sleeping at all because he did a live stream and then a live show in public, and all sorts of stuff. I KNOW he truly loves his fans. And that's a huge reason why I love him so much, because is genuinely an amazing and kind hearted person.
Besides, if they didn't want to be bothered they wouldn't be tweeting pictures of where they are. I mean, I knew what hotel the glee cast were staying in when they were in Boston because of the pictures they tweeted. Then they announced what squares they were in and stuff. The warblers like meeting their fans.

I mean, at the Starkid concert fans brought a rocketship that people in the front of the line signed. They didn't have to take it, and they certainly didn't have to bring it on stage and dance with it. They are all just awesome people that really love their fans.
Ky: Darren Criss // Flarenograviity on November 26th, 2011 11:51 pm (UTC)
BTW, did you see the hug Darren and Joey shared during Harry Freakin Potter?
It's at 0:41 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X32zESg2HqM
Made me teary eyed. ;A;
what i'm seeking isn't here: [HP] Draco - awesomemellafe on November 27th, 2011 12:55 am (UTC)
I hadn't! Joey's hair is insane! I don't like it that long :P

I try not to watch Starkid stuff anymore because I reached my peak with them (haha) and now they're not around me and it makes me so, so sad. The chances of me seeing them again are zero and seeing other people having fun at their shows makes me so angry/envious, I don't like to feel those things! Hahaha.